All About Rub Your Mahi

Rub Your Mahi was created in my kitchen through trial and error.  One of the questions I get most as a home chef is, "How do I cook fish?".  I created Rub Your Mahi to answer just this question!


In my opinion grilled mahi-mahi is simply one of the best things to eat.  In creating my rub, I looked to enhance the natural flavors of mahi without overwhelming them.  Rub Your Mahi is a balance between sweet and citrus which is in perfect harmony. 


Using Rub Your Mahi will help put smiles on your friend's faces!  It is simple to use and takes only a few moments of preparation.  You simply follow these steps:


  • Place your mahi skin down on a plate
  • Lightly brush the mahi with extra virgin olive oil
  • Generously sprinkle Rub Your Mahi on the fish and gently rub
  • Grill your mahi, starting with skin side down
  • Flip and grill until the fish is cooked throughout


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